School Uniform

The School Uniform is compulsory on all school days, PTM days etc.


Classes I-V Skirt & shirt with half sleeves.
Classes VI-XII Salwar Suits.
Classes I–VShort pants & Shirt with half sleeves.
Classes VI-XIILong pants & Shirt with half sleeves.


Blazer, Cardigan Sweater

Classes KG-VTrousers & Full sleeve shirts.
Classes KG-XIIFull pants 64 Full sleeve shirts

However, all woollen cap, muffler and gloves should he dark grey in colour. Hair-band should be black in colour. Girls should not have their hair left open. Black leather shoes with laces for the boys and black leather shoes with buckles for the girls.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays- White uniform with house colour shirts/ bolero. White canvas shoes will be part of Wednesday/Saturday uniform.