Aims & Objectives

Our Schools strive to prepare the students to be responsible, mature and integrated personalities. We aim at developing in our students an awareness of God’s love, care and concern, through which they may find meaning in life and hope for the future. We seek to form thoroughly educated persons who, motivated by genuine love and a spirit of service, are alive to the needs of our times. Along with secular knowledge, we strive to in our students, strong personal Convictions and right values to motivate their actions.
To achieve this we seek to form in them a right conscience in their rela¬tionship with God and their fellow -men, with a thirst for truth, a sense of social justice, genuine concern for others and obedience to lawful authority, In short, we strive at developing in our students all these qualities to en¬able them to take their place in any situation in which they may find themselves, so as to be a source of happiness and blessing to all with whom they come in contact, as friends, leaders, fathers and mothers.